My Happy Marriage (Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon) Episode 01 - Review


My Happy Marriage is an anime currently airing on Netflix and it caught my eye, I started watching this anime but before giving you the proper review of Episode 01, I like to provide you with the brief details of this anime as I always do in the first episode. 
This anime is based on the manga with the name 'My blessing marriage' with the same story. The first episode of this anime was released in July 2023 and here is the review of Episode 01.
This is the love story of Miyo Saimori and Kiyoka Kudou. As the anime begins, you will find Miyo Saimori working in a house as a maid but she isn't one of them her father, the head of the Saimori family, married his lover when his first wife and the mother of Miyo died. You will find another girl named Kaya inherited the same name as Saimori and is the daughter of Saimori's second wife. Miyo always finds himself working in the house and everyone resents her even his father just takes her as a burden to him. There is a boy from the Tatsuishi family named Kouji who wants to help Miyo but never had a chance. Kouji Tatsuishi was the only person Miyo felt comfortable with because he don't judge her like others. But one day his father came to Miyo's father and ask the hand of Miyo's sister Kaya for his son Kouji. Days later Miyo was ready to get any bad news but she didn't expect Kouji will be agreeing to marry Kaya not only that Miyo's father also asked her to leave the house tomorrow morning because her marriage has also been arranged by Kudou's family. As the rumors were that Kiyoka Kudou is a cruel and cold-hearted person. Miyo Saimori resigned herself to accept everything that was being forced upon her but there was another thing that Kiyoka Kudou was already had three fiances in the past. Knowing everything Miyo Saimori left the house the next day morning to the Kudou's house. When she arrived there she meet the house lady of the Kudou family and when she was brought to the Kiyoka Kudou's room for greetings. She was shocked to see him. Her eyes were blessed for the first time in her life. She feels the Aura of his presence. Her words were:
What a beautiful man.

Here is the first episode of the Anime Ends.
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