What we Know About "Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938" Korean Drama?


After the huge success of the 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' the writer Han Woo Ri decided to give another shocking news of 'Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938' and this news was big enough to digest but there was another huge shock for the fans that Lee Rang (Kim Bum) will be alive in this sequel. Although there were a lot questionable things for the fans as there is a saying, if anything get success get more questionable. Now, when I am writing about this masterpiece drama I got another big news for you guys You can check it out in my latest articles but for now get back to this sequel. 

Now, this drama just finished airing and it was another masterpiece with another happy ending. On the other hand, the fans have many questions about this sequel so you can scroll and checkout the questions that you have.

Lets talk about the storyline for this sequel, as the story goes Lee Yeon is transported to 1938 as a result of an unexpected case, when he runs upon Ryu Hong Joo again. She used to be the western mountain's guardian spirit, but today she runs a posh eatery in Gyeongseong, the capital city. He also meets Lee Rang, his younger brother. Cheon Moo Young, an ex-friend and another former guardian spirit, has turned hostile in the meantime. Lee Yeon finds it difficult to get back to the present and his loved one.

A lot of fans have different reviews about this sequel that I mentioned below!

Abbymaccoy Said,

Retro and humorous

I must remark that the humour is perfect. It's the ideal fusion of dry humour, dramatic irony, and smart quips. In addition, there is a significant deal of S1 nostalgia without an attempt to imitate the original programme. The performers' chemistry is what makes these fictional relationships feel the most authentic and special. The historical setting is also fantastic!

On a more contentious subject, even though all the other primary characters have made appearances thus far, I'm pleased Ji-ah hasn't. Ji-ah and Lee Yeon's connection seemed unsatisfactory to me. It's difficult to say what caused it because the other performers appear to get along so well, but it may have been the screenplay, the director, or simply the actors' lack of chemistry. Perhaps Ji-ah's character came out as flat.

In any case, I strongly recommended!

Coolforthesummer Said,

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 Delivers an Unforgettable Experience from Laughter to Chills

From beginning to end, the show held spectators' attention and provided a thrilling and fulfilling experience. It sticks out as one of those exceptional cases where the follow-up is better than the original. Even though I enjoyed S1, S2 continued to acquire popularity and favour with viewers.
When the show debuted, there were questions about the new Female Lead's romantic relationship with Yeon and the return of Rang, who was unquestionably the most beloved character from Season 1. However, it provided all of the viewers' questions with satisfactory replies.
Yeon, the main character from Season 2, was transferred 82 years in the past to a time when South Korea was still a Japanese colony.
The new season kept the majority of the existing cast while introducing a large number of new characters. Some roles remained the same, while one actress from Season One took on a new and even more difficult role in Season Two.
Yeon's rivals, two new leads, were presented. The first was an owl named Hong Joo, the current West Mountain God, and the second was a Siberian tiger named Mu Young, the former North Mountain God, who harboured intense anger for Yeon.
Mu Young establishes the scene for Season 2 by travelling back in time from the year 2020 to the year 1938.
Yeon reunites with his cherished, half-fox, half-human younger brother Rang through time travel. Although during this time their relationship is still love-hate, Yeon gradually wins Rang over.
In addition, a new antagonist, Akira Ryuhei, a strong Japanese emperor and demon, appears.
The comic and thriller parts of the show were expertly merged. The humour, which was mostly provided by Yeon, Hong Joo, Shinjoo, and Rang's devoted bandit commander, was excellent.
Because the comedy was so brilliantly done, spectators frequently continued to chuckle for a while after each scene.
The use of music with Korean folklore influences helped the presentation convey thrilling components. The songs were captivating and kept the audience on the edge of their seats the entire season.
The way that several fantasy thriller plotlines were carried out was just excellent. In contrast to another fantasy drama that ran on the same channel the year before, which was unable to deliver a comparable degree of excitement, it was an example of what a fantasy show should be. The authors of this drama should serve as a model for other writers on how to write a compelling fantasy drama.
Season 2 highlighted enduring relationships that have existed for generations, such as the sibling relationship between Yeon and Rang and Yeon's cherished ties with his former acquaintances. These ties were depicted in sequences that were exceptionally well written and acted.
This season's show was able to offer all the important characters equal attention because romance was not its main focus. Even though Eunho was not directly related to the season's leads, it was interesting to observe how she became involved in the main plot.
In-deep character exploration of complex characters like Hong Joo and Mu Young gave the plot complexity.
Ryu Hong Joo, the season's new female protagonist, was the most memorable character. Although she was not a part of any romantic plot, viewers were still profoundly affected by her power and presentation. She was the most potent mountain deity of them all and possessed a unique blend of power, badassness, and intelligence. She is a welcome addition because such characters are uncommon in other series.

At the End following are the questions that fans might want to ask:

Q: Is Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 have happy Ending?
A: Yes, Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 have happy ending.

Q: Is the FL is good in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938?
A: Yes, Ryu Hong Joo (Kim So Yeon) get very positive views being a FL in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 and the main reason is that many people love how she can save herself and don't need anyone to save her or "to be saved" by someone.

Q: Why Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 have only 12 Episodes?
According to the writer (Han Woo Ri), 12 episodes was enough to portray what drama want to say to the fans. So, if she drag it a little bit it could become boring for the fans.

Q: Is it a clean & closed-ending, or does it leave stuff unexplained or "to be continued"?
A: Although the ending of the show leaves certain questions unresolved because it appears to have been written with a season three in mind, I thought it was a satisfactory conclusion. The conclusion was satisfying! You can watch it later if you're an impatient person like myself who becomes very connected to a show and can't wait for it to continue.

Q: Does Lee Rang have happy ending in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938?
A: Yes, for sure he have happy ending in this sequel (No spoiler).

Q: What happened to the Original Mountain God?
A: This is a questionable thing but I think season 2 was written to link Season 3 so there might be a chance the original mountain god will be a villain in Season 3.

Q: Should you watch Season 1 to watch Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938?
A: No need to watch season 1 even if you want to start from season 2 because the story of this season start way before the season 1 and if you want to know more context about this drama then you can watch season 1 first.

Q: Is Lee Rang is still dead in Future?
A: Though Lee Rang have the happy ending in the Season 2 but there is no any way to find that how he is doing in the future as the season 3 is coming maybe there will be a chance for the fans to know more about this.

I think these questions will be enough for the fans to know about this.
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