My Happy Marriage (Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon) Episode 04 - Review

 My Happy Marriage Episode 04 starts with Miyo dreaming about her past again when his mother tries to convince her father to take care of Miyo because her mother didn't have that much time left. When she woke up she saw the gift Kudou give her yesterday so she think that she should also give him a gift of gratitude.

Miyo talk to Ms. Yurie about this and she advised Miyo to give him something that he can use in daily life and that it will be best if you make the gift herself. So while reading the paper she saw a braided cord and she decided to make one for Kudou. She gets permission from Kudou to go to the town for shopping. Miyo and Ms. Yurie visit the town and bought the material for the cord. On the other side, Kouji meets his brother but his brother taunts him and said:

You are so kind but unkind at the same time.

Ms. Yurie forgets to get salt from town so she asks Miyo to wait while she will get it by herself. While waiting Kaya saw Miyo and starts teasing her that it must be Kudou who left Miyo behind which makes Miyo sad. Ms. Yurie came there and said she is the lady of the house and the future wife of Kudou. Kaya is shocked and angry at the same time. While Miyo and Ms. Yurie were shopping, Kudou visit Miyo's father's house and told them that he knew everything that this family does to Miyo. 

If the Saimori family doesn't ask for forgiveness from Miyo, he will intervene in it. He openly threatens them to stay away from Miyo. When Miyo get to the home she was thinking that she don't deserve anything. Kudou worry about Miyo as she was so dull about everything. So to cheer up Miyo, he invites the old maid of Saimori who helped Miyo and that's the reason she was kicked out of that house.

She told Miyo that Kudou care about him that's why he asked her to help him. Miyo becomes happy and tells everything to Kudou that he already knew like she has no power and even she can't see spirits. Kudou hug her and said he wants to spend time with her. He wants her, not her superpower.

Tatsuishi was spying on Kudou and becomes angry to see that Miyo is happy to get along with Kudou.

Here Episode 04 ends.

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