My Happy Marriage (Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon) Episode 02 ~ Review

 My Happy Marriage episode 02 starts when the eyes of both of them meet each other. Miyo was shocked to see a man she was going to marry and she immediately think that how could the rumors be true. Kiyoka thinks of her as the same as their past fiances who only wants power or money from him but talking to her makes him shock that she is too humble to be a eldest daughter of a rich family.

The house lady of the Kiyoka family 'Ms. Yurie' told her on the way back to her room that the young master is not like the rumors say. Her exact words were:

I'm aware of the bad rumors about Young Master, but actually, he is a kind man.

Miyo found a very comfortable bed, but in a dream, she saw her past when her younger sister Kaya received the ability to see spirits while she had no powers at all. After that, his own father stop caring for her and preferred Kaya. In the morning, Miyo prepared breakfast for the Young Master or precisely her lord. But Kiyoka rejected to eat the breakfast as he suspected to be poisoned by her. She was shocked but didn't hurt her that much because she suffered her whole life and knew that no one care about her feelings. After that, Kiyoka went to work as he is a military captain and trained soldiers to have a good grip on their powers.

Kiyoka find himself thinking about Miyo as Ms. Yurie told him that Miyo is not that type of girl and he was wondering if Ms. Yurie ever sided with someone in any matter. On the other side, koji was going to marry Kaya (Miyo's sister) but still thinking about Miyo. When Kiyoka came back home, Miyo apologize to him that she would have done the same if some stranger made her breakfast but he asked her a question:

It seems you keep apologizing as if it's natural to do so. Why?

In reply, Miyo again apologize and Kiyoka said:

If you apologize too much, it loses its meaning.

And then at night, Kiyoka asked Miyo to ready the breakfast tomorrow morning as Ms. Yurie will be late tomorrow. Miyo was shocked to see that and not only that Kiyoka said sorry to her to reject the breakfast that she made. Miyo was flustered by this as no one ever apologized to her before. She remember what Ms. Yurie said to her about Kiyoka. Then she again dreams about her past when her stepmother and her father locked her in the empty storage for days. But she was happy to see that she woke up in another house. In the morning, she ready the breakfast and serve the Young Master. Kiyoka was flustered by her cooking and eat the whole bowl in one go but to keep the cool he said:

It tastes a little different from how Yurie makes it, but not bad.

This was the first compliment she got from anyone for as long as she remembered. She was so happy that it make her cry. On the way to work, Kiyoka asks Yurie to take care of Miyo as he wants to take a background check on Miyo he found very odd that she is from a rich family but didn't have a luxurious life as her hand looks like a maid's hand and she didn't have proper clothes to wear. 

In the end, Tatsuishi's head calls Miyo's father and argues why Miyo was sent to the Kudou family as Tatsuishi wanted Usuba blood in the Tatsuishi family and wanted Miyo to marry his eldest son. 

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