My Happy Marriage (Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon) Episode 03 ~ Review

 My Happy Marriage Episode 03 is named 'Our first date' because both of them go for an outing in this episode. The episode starts when Miyo and Kiyoka breakfasting. Kiyoka asks Miyo how she spends the whole day? and ask her to make some free time as he wants to go to the town with her. Miyo was shocked when he said he want her to go with him. 

Later on, Miyo wants to get ready and just stuck when she saw a comb which was broken already. Ms. Yurie asks permission to enter the room and asks her to allow Yurie to do some makeup on her. As Ms. Yurie does makeup for Miyo, she becomes so beautiful that Kiyoka stares at her like he saw an angel. Then both go to the town and Kiyoka brings her to the kimono store in town and there she met Ms. Keiko. Ms. Keiko makes sure to Kiyoka not lose her as she finds Miyo perfect for Kiyoka.

Kiyoka saw pink kimono and think about Miya wearing it and he order three kimono for her. Kiyoka also get a gift from Ms. Keiko for Miya and left it in front of her room as Miya open it she find a comb in it (that is like a marriage proposal to give a comb to a girl). Miya ran to the Kiyoka room to verify that he really give her that gift and find herself flattered by it. 

The next day, Kiyoka met the detective who did the background check on Miya and finds that she doesn't have any powers at all but also finds out that she is the daughter of the Usuba family. He wasn't disappointed at all but worried for her. When he was going toward his jeep he find that someone is watching him and he immediately destroy the shiki-gami (the power to watch someone without noticing). 

This was the End of Episode 03.

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