The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 04 ~ Review ~ Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

 I choose a pair of glasses for the girl I like the name of Episode 4 which is another masterpiece because of the animation. I like the way they show the angles and it looks like the cameraman is recording them. I also love the animation as it is similar to famous anime like Suzume and Your Name.

When Komura feel cold when he was walking he want coffee but in front of the wending machine, he saw Mie just looking at the wending machine. Mei didn't ask for help and take hot black coffee but she didn't like the coffee so she offer Mie who was just there for coffee but he said no because he want her father's permission before touching his lips there where Mie touch it. The next day, both ran to school as both were late but she didn't recognize him and thought he was a stranger. On the way, she mistakenly said aloud how Komura will think when he saw my hair. This makes Komura to be late for school for the first time.

In class, Mie was trying to get rid of posters but she was unable to reach them as Komura try to lend his hand. He was also short so Azuma help her to get rid of the poster that make Komura jealous. He said that he wish he was taller which make Mie angry and she said she don't want him to be taller and said:

I won't be able to reach when I look at your face like this

In the classroom, when everyone sees a cloud shape of a heart, Mie was curious because she can't see without glasses. So, Komura took a picture and send her at night which make the Mie happy. The next day when Mie forgets his glasses in the bathroom, a girl asks Komura to take that glasses to Mie and put them on Koumra which makes him dizzy and she goes toward the wall in front of the girl (in a romantic pose) and Mie came there. She didn't recognize him but the girl speak the name and Mie suddenly came and took the Komura away from her. 

To make sure that it won't happen again Mie wanted to buy 2 pairs of glasses so she ask Komura to help her but he was so flustered as she was so cute in every pair but they selected one. In the end, on next day Mie was again without glasses because she slept wearing that pair last night and it snap. At last, Komura said:

I have to have a stable income so I can afford Mie.

Episode 4 ends.

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