The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 02 ~ Review ~ Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

 The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses episode 2 starts when Komura and Mie have to serve lunch but Mie forgets his glasses again. She gives too much to the students but according to her she separates the meat just for Komura because he helped her yesterday but when Komura checked it wasn't the meat she separate but the potatoes.

Mie asked Komura for his number so whenever she need help she can call him because she got embraced to tell his family but it's okay to tell him. They both exchanged numbers and the next day Mie call Komura to come to the station because she lost her glasses then they both spend the whole day and even after getting the new glasses Mie ask Komura to hang out with her. 

On the way back home, at the door of her house, Mie realized that she didn't watch anyone else the whole time but Komura. On the next day, she saw a couple of boys make fun of a class fellow who was wearing glasses. She gets teased and hides her glasses. When Komura asked she said she didn't have glasses.

That's the end of Episode 02.

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