The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 03 ~ Review ~ Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta

 The Girl I Like Picked Up a Love Letter is the name of episode 03 and the episode starts when Komura finds Mie sitting beside the road playing with a cat but it was just a handbag and Mie again forgets her glasses.

Komura wanted to take a picture of Mie but he restricted himself but act as a cat for Mie. When Komura reaches the class he finds Azuma (his classmate) beside the Mie. Actually, Azuma was helping Mie to find a toolbox and Mie was thinking that Komura was helping. To know that it was Azuma she was embarrassed. After a while, Mie finds a love letter on the ground and asks Komura the name of the recipient. It was Azuma, Mie delivered that letter to Azuma, and the whole class misunderstood that Mie love Azuma. Even when Mie's friends asked her She said:

I like Azuma-kun.

But it was just like like not love. This makes Komura think that if she really loves him. If she has feelings for him. Azuma goes out of the class and reads the letter. He came back to class with a reply and give a paper to Mie. Mie doesn't have glasses so she asked Komura to read it. He hesitated to open the letter. When he opened it there was writing:

Komura-kun likes you, too, Mie-san

Then Azuma clear to the class that Mie just delivered someone else letters to me. Mie ask Komura what was written on the letter. He said it was Thank you for delivering the letter.

Here Episode 03 Ends.

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